Cat Abuse

Hetherfield and Treeview Residents

It has come to the observance of the above related references that animal abuse is occurring within our own neighborhoods.

It appears that a “double standard”  is being applied to our pets, particularly felines – feral or “owned.”

Pet owners of canines must restrict their animals to leashes and are even supplied a playground.  Their refuse is required to be disposed of by owners – which is frequently not the case.  Dog squat is evident and unattended to with no punishment or fine.

Cats, however, have been punished in dire conditions outside their “homes” without name tags/flea collars or any identification.  These poor, often abandoned animals, or so-called “ferals” are frequently allowed to be starved and dept outdoors in the heat and cold with neither water nor clean food.  Traps have been set without attention to maintenance resulting in abandonment, overheating, freezing – without water or food  – and often found dead.

Certain Treeview renters appear to have violated humane conditions and treatment of their cat(s).  The suspected violators have been reported to “appropriate” authorities.

Please be advised that these violators of animal rights have been notified to the (Supposed) proper “Humanitarians” which do not assure any recourse or positive action made to help the defenseless, suffering animals.  They are killed or simply “euthanized,” then forgotten.

Be advised that the Humane Society is not a No-Kill shelter.  In addition, police in the area are not required to provide assistance to a cat which in not “wounded.”  According to township/ borough imposed restrictions and “laws.”

Who then is responsible for the sad and inviolate conditions of the cats?

Our consciences?